Sunday, August 29, 2010

Places of Interest, district Khagrachhari

Bangladesh has very few districts where you'll found hills and mountains. Khagrachhori is one of those. The hills of this districts are not that much giant like Bandarban. But the district is itself over a noticeable elevation from sea level. Also, unlike other hill tracks from Bangladesh, this district has flatland around. This district is found beside the river Chengi, which is a small, narrow and shallow river.

Popular locations for visit:

If you are planning to visit the Khagrachhori, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see" items from the link Also if you visited any other places from Khagrachhori, that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as comment.

Where to Stay:

Since the district is not that much popular to the tourist, you'll find the hotels from the town easily. You won't require a booking(unless its after eid, or around along vacation). You can have your shelter at the "Parjatan Motel", this is the best from the district. But I have stayed at "Hotel Shoyla Subarna". Took a single bed room without any AC for 400 taka. You can contact at below number for booking.

Kamrul Islam Shiblu
Cell: 01556771212
Phone: 037161436
Hotel Shoyla Subarna
Majshid Road, Khagrachhari Bazar, Khagrachhari

How to reach:

There are several bus services available for Khagrachari. Saudia, Shamoly, S. Alam having the quality service. It will cost around 300 taka per person. Last bus starts from dhaka at 12:00 at night. And last bus starts from Khagrachhori at 2:30 at afternoon. It will require around 7 hours for the trip.

Remember, there is no bus available at khagrachhori after sunset. Also, there is no bus enter the Khagrachhori before sun rise. Both the issues for security reason. So plane your trip according to the bus schedule. Have a nice trip at khagrachhori, a land of beauty.

Natural Beauties from Khagrachhori

Khagrachhori is not that much developed like other two hilly areas(Bandarban and Rangamati). This district is not that much popular to the travelers. This district has a beautiful waterfall Resung, has a cave for the tourist. Also has some other tourist spots. But still this district failed to attract tourist.

If you plan to visit this district, I'll suggest you to visit during rainy season, or after the rainy season. During winter, you'll only find the dry, and hills won't be that much green like rainy. I have uploaded few natural beauties those were captured from several parts of Khagrachhori. I have stayed for 3 days at Khagrachhori, 31st July, 1st and 2nd August of 2010.

Khagrachhori: Debotar Pukur

Sunday, 01st August 2010

Debotar Pukur/Matai Pukhiri

It was the second day. I could have out from my hotel before 7 at morning. But after having some dilly-dally finally I have came outside after 9. To visit Debotar pukur, its already late. Cause you have to reach there before 9 at morning. But anyway, I have started my expedition.

You can explore the hills around the lake

There is only one bus providing the service at that route. Khagrachhori-Rangamati bus service. But this one is available only one per hour. So I had to take service from "Chander Gari" this time. This will drop me at "Mais Chhori" bazar, and it cost 15 taka for each person. I had a small chat will local people during the ride. They were suggesting me, I was already late, and its around 7 kilometer apart from the "Mais Chhori" bazar. 4 kilometer is road(but no public service avilable), and other 3 kilometer(walking) is upwards mountain ride. So they suggested me to hire a motor bike for the 4 kilometer(instead of walking). it will recover some time loss.

From the bazar, I have hired a guy, Sanwar(Phone: 01820345657) for 350 taka. He will take as for that 4 kilometer, and then will guide us up to the lake, and return back with us. That means a bike rider as well as a guide. That guy was a bit rookie. Twice his bike slipped at the risky path. Also he was having problem while the bike was riding upwards. The road was slippy, cause the water from the hills were passing over the roads, and it made it slippy. By the way, the road was made from only brick.

This beauty is just at the path of Debotar Pukur

We had to garage the bike at a village, and after that the journey for another 3 kilometers just started. The lake is at 700 feet above from the sea level. And it will take your full energy to reach at the peak. You'll find a stream, that was created from the water of the lake during your walking path. The last part of the path is really hard. Its a direct upwards path, and at a time you'll feel like this path will never end. Prudent suggest to take a break for each 25/30 steps. But I wasn't aware about that suggestion. So It was very hard for me.

You'll need to cross this stream to reach at the lake

After a hard hiking, finally I have reached at the top, where the lake is situated. I have rested there for around 15/20 minutes before another move. The lake is not that much beautiful. But, as I did a hard work to reach there, it forced to made the lake beautiful. You can have some time to explore the hills around the lake. The place is really beautiful. During the Summer, lots of people used to visit this place. This is kind of pilgrimage area for the tribal people. For example this lake is holy for the Tripura people.

Khagrachhori: Alutila Cave, for adventure lovers

Saturday, 31st July 2010


At the Aultila Hill, there is a cave created naturally from the stream of water. This is around 100 meter long, and very adventurous. If you are courageous and adventure lover, then this is a perfect spot to vanquish. There is no risk, nothing to worry, but hundreds of people used to return back without exploring the cave, just for lake of braveness.

A bat was flying towards outside

There is no extra ticket for the cave. The 5 taka is the entry fee to enter the Alutila Hill. If you want to explore the cave, then you can buy a torch made from local materials for 5 taka. I had torch light with me, so I didn't require to buy that one. It was around 4 or 5 at afternoon, and there was no one near the cave. I meant the tourist.

When I was about to enter the cave, I found a group of three people(one female), returning back without entering the cave. They felt nervous, and found themselves lack of braveness. They are not interested to enter that cave for anything. It was kind of scary for them. Before leaving the place, they have handed over the torches to me, and wished me best of luck.


Finally, and slowly I have entered inside the cave, I had a torch at my one hand, and shoes at my other hand. Usually it requires around 5-7 minutes to pass the cave. But I used around 40 minutes to reached at the other part. I have explored the cave slowly, observed the structures inside, and picked hundreds of pictures from inside. Most interesting part was the cold water that was flowing at bottom, over my feet. For the flash of my torch light, It appeared that a flow of golden water under the cave. Marvelous experience. For your information, I have explored the "Mowsmai Cave" from India, which was longer, and adventurous than this one.

Khagrachhori: Agricultural Institute

Monday, 02nd August 2010

"Khagrachhori Krishi Institute"(Agricultural institute) is located beside the Khagrachhori-Dighinala highway. It will take you around 30 minutes to reach the place using a auto rickshaw that driven by battery. You'll find plenty of materials related with agriculture.

Actually, if you are tree lover, and you love two enjoy your day with various kinds of trees, then its a place for you. Its built using a huge area, and there are numerous kinds of fruits trees. The main think you'll love, all of the trees are identified at a sign board. So it will help you to know more trees.

I have visited that place at the eleventh hour. I had only 2 hours at my hand before the last bus will left from the town for Dhaka. So I had visited the place hastily. Just walked around for few minutes, snapped few trees and other stuffs. I think I didn't able to cover 1% from the whole institute. By the way, this is a wonderful place for add at afternoon.

Kgahrachhori: Tribal Guys playing Kabadi at afternoon

Sunday, 01st August 2010

When I was returning back from "Naniar Chor", I found some tribal guys are playing themselves beside the road. Its looks like a bazar, where they have found small place to play "Kabadi", a national game of Bangladesh. Actually my bike rider Udina found this, and asked me whether I was interested to watch this or not.

Since it just had a heavy rain, the court of the playground was totally murky. Every single player of the game was covered with mud fluid. I found tons of enthusiasm inside them. Wish I could join with them for a moment!

Khagrachhori: Mohalchhori Lake

Sunday, 01st August 2010

It was around 3 at afternoon, and I was at Mohalchhori Bazaar of Khagrachhori. I was in a hesitation about visiting the "Mohalchhori Lake" or not. Its around 1 hour bike distance from the bazaar. The only problem is, there is only one last bust waiting at the stand. Also there will be no bus to return back from that spot.

Its raining slightly, and will increase soon. If I take a bike, it will be risky, cause the roads are narrow, and slippy due to rain. But finally shown some courage, decided to visit the place by riding a bike. I have hired a tribal guy, named "Udina Marma". His phone number is "01825757665". He is an expert crazy bike rider.

The lake is situated at "Mohalchhori Dak Banglow". After one hour, I have reached at the Mohalchhori lake. If you wish, you can stay at that Banglow at night. The lake is actually a part of Kaptai Lake. Some portion of Kaptai also felt at the border point of Khagrachhori-Rangamati.

When I have reached at the bank of the lake, where the river chengi and the lake joined together, it was my bad luck or good luck I don't know, a heavy rain just started after that, sustained for around an hour. Finding on other alternative, I had to stay under a tin shaded club house until the rain disappear. I know I can visit the lake again, but that time rain may not come as a fortune. So overall I'm happy.

Actually I had a plan to cross the lake with a boat to reach the "Nanniar Chor" to explore more, and also to have some boat ride over the river. The rain just forbid me to do so. If you visit the place, I'll suggest you to go there before 12, and the after enjoying the place, just return back before sunset. How I have returned back from there, i have narrated at my another post.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Khagrachhori: The NewZeland Cafe

Saturday, 31st July 2010

It was the first day and today I have visited the places which were the main attractions for my tour. Most cases I used to visit these types of places at the very first day. So, I was damn tired today. I didn't have any dinner, only had a heavy breakfast. So need to eat something.

I was aware about the "New Zealand Cafe" at "New Zealand Para" of the town. I have read about the cafe from an article at a leading Daily Newspaper from Bangladesh. Also I had the paper cutting with me. So decided to taste the cafe, and the places which are at the proximity.

Its not far from the main town. Just around 15-20 taka rickshaw fare from bus terminal. The place is really beautiful. One side is a mountain, and other side is a paddy field. That means a flatland, and a mountain are at juxtapose. I have never seen such beauty at my life.

The naming of the place as New Zealand is interesting. One day a guy felt like the air of this place seems like Newzealand. From there it picked that name. But interestingly that guy have never vissted that country. He just watched a cricket match at TV, and the game was playing at a windy day. So he thought that air and the air at TV are same. Funny anyway.

I'm not telling you that the taste of the food is really awesome. But under the natural beauty, and the decoration will let you forget that lagging. The decoration of the restaurant is simple. Few benches under the open air. Few benches under the shades made from straws. Very very simple decoration, but the beauty is really bewitching. Also there is a kid zone which is really simple, but excellent.

They used to serve food quickly, and while taking your foods, you can enjoy the beauty. I have seen the local farmers were planting the paddy at the fields at my time. You can find they are harvesting at your time. After having the food, take a small walk at the wide meandered path that went through the paddy fields. If you want to visit the place, better go at afternoon, otherwise you'll miss the beauty. Also during afternoon, not only Bengali people, but also the tribal people used to have a gossip at that place.

By the way, price of the foods are as usual. They are not taking any high price from you. Also being a traveler/tourist, you can have some discount, if they like you.

Khagrachhori Stadium

Monday, 02nd August 2010

Just returned from Matiranga of Khagrachhori, and its still around 2 hours to ride on the bus for Dhaka. How to utilize the time? I have just started to reading my handout and found "Khagrachhori Stadium" can be next place for visit. Will take at max 10 minutes to explore the stadium.

Asked an auto rickshaw that used to run by Battery to take me at Khagrachhori Stadium. Within 10 minutes I have reached that place from the bus terminal. You'll find 4/5 polices are there to guard the stadium. But they will not forbid you to enter inside the stadium. Just tell them you are form Dhaka, and you are a tourist. That's it.

My last two days were too much cloudy, and with light rain. But today, it was really a bright, sunny, and hot day. If you watch the photos, you'll find it easily. From my observation, this stadium is not using for playing any game right now. The grasses of the ground are too large, and its hard to walk in fact. This stadium has a historical aspect. During the peace contract with the tribal, they have surrendered their arms at this stadium. That's why actually I have visited this historical place.

Khagrachhori: The centurion Banyan tree, Matiranga

Monday, 02nd August 2010

Usually I don't used to make a tour at Monday, unless its government holiday. But I had to stay till Monday at Khagrachhari. Cause after 2:30 there is no bus available for Dhaka. If I wanted to return back at Sunday, my tour would be a 1 and half day. Which is not sufficient to cover the most prominent tourist attractions of the district.

Now coming to the main point. Since the bus is at 2:30 at afternoon, I had some time to explore the district for more. I have decided to visit a 400 years of old Banyan tree which is located at "Matiranga Upazila" of Khagrachari. This is a mammoth tree, and according to some prudent, its one of the largest banyan tree from Bangladesh. Local people used to call this as "Parjatan Bot Gachh", Some people used to call this as "Alutila Bot Gachh".

The main one of the tree is itself a big one. But you can easily see there are several small trees which are connected with the main one. Actually those are created from the main one, a branch. The whole banyan tree is really awesome, local people are having fresh air under the tree. Also from there, you can observe the cloudy hills of Khagrachhori. There is a school just beside the tree. The name of the school is "Alutila Bot-toli Junior High School". That school name will also help you to locate the tree.

How to go:
I have used public transport. There are lots of buses are available at Khagrachhori bus terminal which used to leave for "Feni" and "Chittagong". You can take any of those. around each and every 10-15 minutes, a bus used to dispatch for the destination. You'll require to pay 20 taka per person, and bus will drop you at "Matiranga Bazar". From there, you have to hire a motor bike. Two person can ride over a single bike. It will take you around 80-100 taka for taking you to the banyan tree, and return back to the bazar. It will be wise to take the bike for round trip, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to find a bike at that place.

Notes: Remember, there are plenty of banyan trees at Matiranga. So ask them for tourist one. Otherwise they may take you at different one. So careful.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khagrachhori: Nunchhori River

Sunday, 01st August 2010

Nunchhori, probably the smallest river so far I have seen throughout my life. Initially I was a bit reluctant to call this small natural beauty as a river. But from several blogs and articles, I have found they are calling this as a river. Will it be better to call this a canal??

This small river has the main water source is a lake named "Debotar Pukur", which is located at "Nunchhori" of Khagrachhori, and having an elevation of 700 ft from sea level. It is must, you have to pass the so called river if you wish to visit that lake. The photos with this article are taken from "Rojopara" area, and they used to call this stuff as "Rojopara"(not a river).

From my observation, the average depth of the river is around 1 ft, or may be less. It has a constant flow throughout the year, and only God knows how the lake used to produce this amount of water every day.

Local people used to drink the water from here, and also they used it for their daily needs. Its very hard to find any tube well around here due to the rocks and stones under the soil.

Khagrachhori: River Chengi

Sunday, 01st August 2010

During my tour at Khagrachhori, I have seen the river Chengi each and every days. No mater where you are going, the river is following you. A noticeably small river, having very shallow in depth, one can pass the river by walking easily, regardless the season. Though the river is very narrow and shallow, but the current of the river is very strong. If you simply drop a straw or any other crumb into the water, you can easily find how fast that stuffs are floating.

This river is not that much beautiful or eye pleasing due to the muddy water. Also the river used to carry lots of dry leafs from trees and grasses. But the main attraction is, how it is flowing through the mountains. If you observe the river from the top of any hill(specially "Alu Tila"), it will appear you as a giant snake from far side. So many turns and twists. I didn't find any option to enjoy a boat riding over the river. At old ages, people used to run their boats over the river for fast communication. But now a days, they are using highways. But still you can try, some local people may have some boats for their personal purpose.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Khagrachhari: Risky bike riding at Khagrachhori hills

Sunday, 01st August 2010

While returning from the "Naniarchor" to "Khagrachhori" town, i had no option but to hire a motor bike. After 4:45 at local time, there is no public bus transport is available at Khagrachhori. Only motor bikes are available.

I have hired "Udina Marma", a tribal bike rider. That dude was crazy. He was operating his bike over the slippy curvy roads like a hell. It just had a heavy rain, and the roads are almost deadly. I was always worrying about an accident, and when I'll open my eyes, I might be at a infirmary.

But the ride was thrilling. The narrow road was meandered through the green, and sometimes going upwards, and sometimes going downwards. But trust me, I won't do this again, unless no option once again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Khagrachhori: Alutila view point

Saturday, 31st July 2010

Once again, another weekend, another day. I'll write about "Alutila" at my next post. But I just want to show you what we have, and what other country has. But the utilization is different and so the output.

I had a chance to visit the Shilong og India few years back. There is a tourist spot called "Shilong View point". From there you can view the whole Shilong town. The main reason for visiting the place is to watch the whole city from a single point. Otherwise the place is ordinary.

From Alutila Hill you can easily observe the whole Khagrachhori town. Also you will be able to see the river "Chengi" that meandered through the town from here. Our authority can easily announce this as "Khagrachhori View Point" to attract more tourist like Shilong. I have watched most of the people just walk around the Alutila hill and then leave. Non of them was interested to enjoy this beauty, they don't know about it.

Our country is profound with natural beauties and we can utilize this resources to make us more strong in economy.

Natural beauties from Sylhet

The district Sylhet has already several tourist spots rich with natural beauties. This district also has plenty of tea gardens all around. Also the "Haor" of this districts are also beautiful for the nature lovers. During your traveling there, you'll be able to see the mountains from the Tripura estate of India, which are covered with white clouds. River Shari, River Kushiara, River Shurma are also beautiful if you know how to enjoy your time with river.

I have uploaded few of my photos from Sylhet tour here.

View of Mountains from Tripura estate of Inaia

River Shurma