Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eupatorium Ayapana(শিয়ালমুতি)

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শিয়ালমুতি, ফুলটির বাংলা নাম ঠিক হলো কিনা নিশ্চয়তা দিয়ে বলতে পারছি না

You'll see this flower at the bushes around your house or at any roadside. This small plant used to dissemble with the grasses and only noticed when it used to give the small white flowers. This plant is commonly named as Eupatorium around the world. At some places this is known as snakeroots! Not sure about the Bengali name, but I found it is Ayapana(আয়াপানা) at book "Plants of India".

Eupatorium has a large variety around the world. Possibly it is Eupatorium Ayapana or Eupatorium Birmanicum at the photo of the article. All the varieties are more or less similar, so it's hard to distinguish this flower. This is such a flower that we used to see everyday but don't know the name or didn't try to know the name.

This weed plant used to give small flower colored with bright white. Sometime that brightness can cause blue/purple glow around it. Flower has lot of white threads like hair around it. It used to give flower more or less at all seasons. Plant used to spread by it's seeds or from root.

This plant is hairy around the stems and produce sharp smell if you smash or squeeze the stem or leaf. There are lot of medical uses available for Eupatorium plant, you can know it from Wikipedia.

Updated: 18 July 2011, added two new photos.
Below Photos were taken from my Rangamati tour at July 2011.

Updated: 03 September 2011, added two new photos.
Below Photo and another one similar to this one were taken from my Rajkandi(রাজকান্দি) tour at September 2011.

ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল

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  1. Recently I have found a flowering weed is called Phulkuri/fulkuri(ফুলকুড়ি) having botanical name Ageratum Conizoides. Possibly this can be the flower of the article.