Monday, July 18, 2011

Hajar Moni(হাজার মনি) - Phyllanthus urinaria

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This plant is known as Hajar Muni(হাজার মনি) at Bangladesh. It has small flowers just under the stem of the leaf. Each leaf stem holds up to 15 very small ball size flower. The fruit is very small too and looks like a small ball. Possibly this is the reason to call this plant as Hajar Muni(হাজার মনি). At some country, they call it as Leafflower.

This annual herb is from the family Euphorbiaceae and has botanical/scientific name Phyllanthus urinaria. This plant is known as Shatter Stone, Stone Breaker, Chamber Bitter, Gripeweed, etc to the outside world.

This is a very small herb plant, but can reach up to 2 feet sometimes. It doesn't grow as a bush, but it is found around other bushes. This plant can tolerate shades, so can grow easily inside other bushes. If you observe the plant hastily, you'll be dodged by identifying this as Mimosa plant(লজ্জাবতী গাছ). People call this as weed for numerous number of small seeds even at a very small plant.

This plant is highly useful to treatment lot of urine and kidney related diseases, that's why it is from the species urinaria. So far the produced medicines from the extracts of this plant have no side effects. If you search on internet, you'll find tons of medicine names those are made based on this plant.

This plant is highly available around Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ). You can find this plant inside the other grasses or bushes, just search your nearby jungle. I have captured the image from Rangamati(রাঙামাটি), during my tour at July 2011.

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