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Ulot Kombol (উলট কম্বল ফুল) - Abroma augustum

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Bengali Name : Ulot kombol (উলট কম্বল / ওলট কম্বল).
Common Name : Devil's Cotton.
Botanical Name : Abroma augustum, Abroma augusta
Family : Sterculiaceae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

People used to call this is as Devil's Cotton. Possible reason, it causes irritation to the skin by any kind of direct touches from the plant. This is also known as Indian Hemp. In Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ), this is known as Ulot Kombol (উলট/ওলট কম্বল). Scientific/Botanical name of the plant is Abroma augustum, sometimes called as Abroma augusta. This plant pertains to the family Sterculiaceae. This great medicine plant is endemic to our Asia.

Devil's Cotton (উলট কম্বল) used to grow at our jungle naturally. Often people from villages used to plant this medicinal plant at their yard. But now a days it is being seen at the mini gardens of the house owners from Dhaka people. This plant grows around 2-3 meter in height and doesn't produce too many branches. Branches are hairy and cause irritation when touched. Leafs are heart shaped ovate-oblong. Leaf's margin is slightly toothed.

An immature fruit hanging upwards.

Devil's Cotton (উলট কম্বল) flowers use to bloom during the rainy season of Bangladesh (starting from June). Seeds are seen somewhere around July, August. It's a single flower (having five petals). Color of the flower is dark maroon with spoon shaped petals. Flowers use to hang upside down from the branch. But interestingly the fruits from this plant use to be upwards (from my observation).

This medical plant has uses for several urine related treatment for both male and female. The whole plant is capable to providing different kind of useful medicines. But once again beware from the plant (specially for kids). This can cause serious irritation to skin.

Photos of this article were taken from Dhaka. Few was during June 2015. But others I have forgotten interestingly.

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