Monday, July 4, 2011

Wild Lantana(লান্টানা ফুল)

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Purple Lantana Flower

The flower of today's article is Lantana(লান্টানা) and it is a member of Verbenaceae family. Botanical name of the flower is Lantana Camara var. aculeata(variety aculeata). Though this is considered as an ornamental flower at some places, but it is known as an invasive weed from where(Bangladesh) I have snapped the flower.

This is an evergreen plant having the height of 6-8 ft and grows as a bush. The leafs and the stems of Lantana(লান্টানা) plant has some rough hairs, and it will create a rough pungent smell if you squeeze that. Flower uses to change it's color with age. So you'll find this between pink to yellow or white to yellow.

I have already mentioned this plant is as an invasive weed. The seeds of this plant used to spread by the birds. It used to grow quickly and its really hard to remove the plant completely later on. This plant has a resistance to the fire. Also after the burning, this plant used to grow faster compare to other neighboring plants around.

This wild Lantana(লান্টানা) flower was captured from the Rajkandi(রাজকান্দি) Reserve Forest, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. More detail of this flower is at WikiPedia. You can find the medical uses of this plant from that link.

Red Lantana Flower

Updated at 26 December 2011: Purple and Red Lantana flowers are added from Sylhet tour of December 2011.

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