Friday, March 7, 2014

Fancy Leaf Caladium - Caladium bicolor

Common Name : Fancy Leaf Caladium, Heart of Jesus, etc.
Botanical Name : Caladium bicolor
Family : Araceae (Arum family)

Today its all about an interesting plant whose leafs are much more beautiful than the flowers. This is a hybrid plant and green leafs of the plants are having random dots composed with white and red. Botanical name of the plant is Caladium bicolor(should be hybrid). It belongs to the plant family Araceae. This is a foreign plant in our country and native to South America and West Indies region. It has several fancy names in English, but doesn't have any in Bengali.

This ornamental Auram plant is a long lived perennial erect plant having no stem. Leaf's shape is like all the common Auram leafs and formed atop of the stalk that is erected from the rhizome of the plant. It doesn't grow too much in height and grows as a bush. For it's attractive color composition on the leafs this can be an exotic collection to one's garden!

Flower of this Fency Leaf Caladium are also similar to any other Aurum flower from it's family. These are inflorescence having a phallus like spadix covered with a milky white colored spathe. Almost similar to a hood of a venomous snakes like Cobra. This plant can propagate through the seeds but mostly done through it's rhizomes.

Photos of this article were taken from Joypurhat district(জয়পুরহাট) during a tour of mine at May 2013.

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