Saturday, July 12, 2014

Matchstick Flower - Aechmea gamosepala

Common Name : Matchstick Flower, Matchstick Bromeliad, etc.
Botanical Name : Aechmea gamosepala
Family : Bromeliaceae (pineapple family)

Today's flower is known as The Matchstick flower which is native to South America, more specifically to the Brazil. It doesn't have any Bengali name. Botanical name is Aechmea gamosepala and it belongs to the plant family Bromeliaceae.

Matchstick flower is a small growing plant (less than a foot) which can tolerate drought. It has a lovely foliage. A single plant can make a cluster by using it's stolons (similar to the water hyacinth plant). This plant can be grown as an orchid (over the trees or orchid barks) apart from growing in a pot as ornamental. Propagation of is plant is done from the rhizomes, bulbs, tubers, etc.

Flowers are interesting of this plant. A cluster of flowers come over an erect stalk from the plant. Each of the small flowers from the plant are having pink tubular shape and having a bright blue head on it that resembles the firing matches. This is the reason to call this flowering plant as Matchstick plant. Flowers are long lasting and very much showy.

Photos of this article were taken from the Godawari Botanical Garden, Nepal. It was the month of May 2014.

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