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Common iora (ফটিকজল পাখি) - Aegithina tiphia

Bengali Name : Fotikjol (ফটিকজল).
Common Name : Common iora, Indian Iora.
Binomial/Scientific Name : Aegithina tiphia
Family : Aegithinidae

Common iora is a very restless small little bird from our Indian subcontinent that is very much available in our Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ). It belongs to the bird family Aegithinidae and binomial name of the bird is Aegithina tiphia. In Bengali we call the bird as Fotikjol (ফটিকজল). It has several other common names in English such as Indian iora, Black-winged iora, etc.

This small bird is having the primary color is greenish yellow (or olive). The upper part is darker in color while the underpart is lighter in color. The wings are black (or greenish black) with a touch of prominent white. The male and female birds are slightly different from each other during the breeding season. Male birds use to have a black cap and more black at the wing and upper part during the breeding season. The feet and beak of the bird is having a color of lead.

Common iroa can be seen more or less everywhere in Bangladesh including human proximity and forest. This small bird can not fly that much in a single go. They are very restless and always keep moving from one branch to another. Most of the time they use to remain under the leafs and searching for small insects. That is why they are slightly harder to notice despite of their loud calls.

They have several calls but I have heard one during one of my traveling. It was something like fo-tik-jol fo-tik-jol and they were continuously making that call. I believe it is a reason behind the bird having a Bengali name Fotikjol(ফটিকজল).

Can you see the bird inside the leafs?

Common iora's breeding season is the rainy season (June-August). Both the male and female work together to prepare the nest. They mostly feed on the small insects, larva, etc. The female lays 2-4 eggs, but most cases seen 3 eggs inside the nest.

Photos of this article were taken from the following location of Bangladesh:
01) 07 November 2014: Pakutia, Tangail (পাকুটিয়া, টাঙ্গাইল).
02) 06 March 2015: National Botanical Garden, Dhaka.

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